Mechanism of MEBO cosmetics


Birth of REME Cell Regeneration Skin Care Series---After the huge success of Moist Exposed Burn Therapy and Moist Exposed Burn Ointment (MEBT/MEBO), Prof. Xu Rongxiang started to lead its R&D team to conduct a series of studies on human body in situ regenerative restoration, and established MEBO human body regenerative restoration club in 2007 (Life 300y Club). Through over a decade of study and practical application, huge funds for R&D have been issued and millions of experiments have been carried out, and finally the cell regenerative nutrition substance for skin organs was developed. At the same time, the skin care brand, “REME CELL Regeneration Skin Care Series”, with independent intellectual property rights hold by MEBO, was developed. It is only sold in the MEBO human body regenerative restoration club initially, and the price is extremely high. So, only a few socialites and magnates can enjoy. MEBO Group optimized product packages in 2012, and put “REME CELL Regeneration Skin Care Series” in the market with a price most people can afford.

MEBO Skin in situ Regenerative Restoration Technique

1. Technical Properties

MEBO Skin in situ Regenerative Restoration Technology includes a liquid that contains regenerative nutritional substance (RNS), which is able to make the in situ regenerative renewal of  normal and aged cells through the way that the emulsified skin regenerative nutritional substance are absorbed naturally onto the layers of epidermis and dermis. The absorbed components regenerate the varieties of skin cell, renew the lowered-function cells in situ and return the pre-aged cells into normal status in situ. And eventually, the process of discontinuing skin cell ageing, restoring skin and ensuring the exertion of skin appendages functions has been made successfully. In addition, MEBT/MEBO can achieve the in situ regenerative restoration on the damaged skin and prevent and eliminate the signs and symptoms of skin ageing. So, this technology is proper for the people of all ages.

2. Regenerative Mechanism –the Core Mechanism of MEBO Skin in situ Regenerative Restoration Technology

MEBO Skin in situ Regenerative Restoration Technology can achieve the regeneration of fibroblasts. Unlike the fibrocyte, fibroblast can generate physiological fibrous protein filaments while fibrocyte is a kind of aged and changed cell. Skin regeneration of MEBO is to maintain the normal properties of fibroblast so that the fibrous protein filaments can continuously and automatically be produced to vitalize the skin. On the basis of skin organs regenerative restoration, Regenerative Nutritional Substance (RNS) is induced into the dermis. Regenerative nutritional substance will directly work onto the different tissues in dermis to bundle the scattered and loose fibrous protein filaments and fill up the gap among fibrous protein. The metabolic circle of induced regenerative substances is about 1-2 weeks.

3. Unique Isotonic Technique

Many cosmetics in the markets are claiming their products under the name of skin protection. The deionized water is used in these cosmetics. Deionized water is hypotonic. (Fig. 5)

REME Cell Regeneration Skin Care Series are made from fresh vegetable tissue fluids of which its aqueous phase is the iso-osmotic fluid. They are of maintaining a physiological osmotic pressure on the skin.

Furthermore, soluble fatty acids are used in REME Cell Regeneration Skin Care Series. The soluble fatty acids can permeate into layers of the skin and have a synergetic protective effect with the granular layer. In another words, the insoluble fatty acids totally isolate the skin from communicating with the outside environment that has a great impact on the regenerative and metabolic properties of stratum granulosum. As a result, the skin ageing process is accelerated.

MEBO in situ Skin Regenerative Restoration Technology imitates basilar cellular membrane (Fig. 7) that locates below the basilar layer, connecting epidermis with dermis. There are nervous and vascular distributions below his membrane that is of semi-permeability. None of formulas that are used to make the cosmetics worldwide can hardly and really penetrate through this membrane and into the dermis. Under the normal physiological conditions, all the blood vessels are distributed beneath the basilar membrane as well as the collagen fibers. Only the nerve endings can be seen above this membrane. (Fig. 8) Therefore, there are some of nerve endings without nerve sheath besides another four layers of epidermis above the basilar membrane. That is the reason why we have sense of touch. Bleeding means the breakdown of this membrane. All the capillaries we see are all under the basilar membrane, except for some abnormal capillaries that can break through above the basilar membrane. An imitated semi-permeable membrane is formed in the treatment of various wounds and severed fingers with MEBT/MEBO that is one of the most important techniques to achieve the in situ skin regenerative restoration.  


Since MEBO Skin in situ Regenerative Restoration Technology can achieve the skin regeneration, it is much easier to solve and cure both the pigmentational problems like colored speckles and senile plaques. and the dermatological abnormalities and diseases like acne, fat granule.

4.Brand Standards

  • REME Cell Series Skin Care Products are produced by GMP compliant manufacturer. Every product meets the strict standard of pharmaceutical industry in both quality and safety.
  • Through millions of tests in MEBO R&D center, including the tests of skin irritation, patch and toxicology, REME Cell Series Skin Care products guarantee the highest standard in safety and stability, and effectiveness.
  • The professional cosmetic consultants, who are trained by MEBO, will provide face-to-face small cosmetics courses to enable consumers to access optimal skin care program and cosmetics guidance, and offer advices for different skin situations.

5. Four Features of REME Cell Regeneration Skin Care Series

  • Apply the most advanced technique of life science in the world, in situ Human Body Regenerative Restoration technique, It can activate the potential regenerative cells in the skin to generate keratin 19 stem cells, which can constantly proliferate and differentiate in situ, generate new cells, replenish and replace diseased, apoptotic, malignant and senescent cells in the organs and tissues, restore skin to young status, and guarantee the physiological function of in the skin appendages.


  • Contain the unique cell regenerative nutritional substance (RNS), the perfect crystallization of skin care products development at MEBO R&D center, it applies the in situ Skin Regenerative Restoration technique in the skin care products. The RNS is comprised of the four key ingredients extracted with bioengineering technology: sesame oil (regeneration substance extracts), cactus extract, beeswax extract and Vitamin E. It can rapidly activate the regenerative potential of skin cells, constantly meet regeneration requirement of skin cells, and keep skin forever young.

  • Unique double transmission system, the osmotic pressure of all the products is the same with human body cells. With the isotonic technique and soluble fatty acid technique, it creates a regenerative environment for skin cells, stimulates healthy metabolism of skin cells, and effectively exerts penetration and absorption ability of RNS.
  • REME CELL Regeneration Skin Care Series are free of deionized water, artificial color or alcohol. Tested by professional dermatologist, the series is hypoallergenic, clean and safe.