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     Company Information---Located in the center of Beijing CBD district, MEBO International Group is a company engaged in life science research and is established by famous life scientist, Professor Xu Rongxiang in 1987. After years of exploration, he carried out in-depth researches about the simplest life phenomenon and invented MEBO (Moist Exposed Burn Ointment) and MEBT (Moist Exposed Burn Therapy) by combining traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern medicine, and established the concept of burn regenerative medicine. The core of the academic system is to enable the PRC (Potential Regeneration Cells) on the wound to achieve the embryo differentiation in order to heal the wound. It has become the mainstream of burn medicine in China, Middle East, North Africa and South East Asia and etc.

     Patents Ownership---By taking advantage of the application of burned skin organ regeneration in situ, Professor Xu Rongxiang discovered PRC, established regenerative restoration technique (MEBT/MEBO) for human body organ defects and technique for cloning organ through cells in vitro, discovered the life regenerative substance required for human body organ regeneration and finally established Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science. All these inventions and research results gained 27 patents in China, US, EU, Japan and many other countries and regions.

     MEBO Products and Influence---Nowadays, MEBO International Group possesses the advanced knowledge on cells, organs and regeneration energy resources. It has completed researches over 206 tissues and organs cloning, meaning that MEBO will provide over 206 regeneration products for human to ensure healthy life. The market prospect is immeasurable. MEBO products have been sold to 76 countries, benefiting over 50 million people. In the field of life science, MEBO Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science and its products are playing the leading role around the world in terms of academic research and practical application both.

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